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Pepe Saya Butter Sheets are the key in making your next pastry creation a flavoursome delight. Using cultured butter sheets enhances so much flavour, especially in croissants. The marriage of dough and butter is iconic, and at Pepe Saya we don’t skim the surface or cut corners. We want to deliver the absolute best product to you.

Pepe Saya is hand churned cultured butter. There is a distinguished flavour of sourness and tanginess, which highlights the traditional form of making fresh butter. This is a typical characteristic seen in Pepe Saya butter. These tasting notes are what make our butter sheets unique from the rest.

We hand craft all the butter sheets and place them into moulds, making them in different sizes. Each establishment being recognised significantly through their croissants, it’s a no brainer that Pepe Saya is creating a stand out butter sheet. 

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