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Oh la la - Pepe Saya’s Whirlwind Tour of France + UK

Pepe is off on a European adventure this month. He’ll be touring London and Paris, checking out markets and fine food stores and eating up a storm. Pepe’s on the hunt for inspiration and ideas for an exciting new project (more on that soon…) Follow his adventures on Instagram

More than one artisan in the family

Pepe’s sister Elizabeth lives in London and supplies high quality, locally made contemporary doors through her company Urban Front. Pepe couldn’t be prouder, and will obviously be knocking on Elizabeth’s super funky front door when he’s in the UK this month.

Mrs Pepe’s Farmers’ Facts with John Fairley from Country Valley
- Part 2

Mrs Pepe a.k.a. Melissa Altman playing with Calf at Country Valley dairy, Picton

Not so long ago Mrs Pepe visited one of Pepe Saya Butter Company’s cream suppliers - Country Valley in Picton N.S.W - and chatted with farmer John Fairley. Last month we brought you Mrs Pepe’s Farmers’ Facts Part 1 - Grain Fed vs. Grass Fed, this month we’re bringing you Part 2 - Dairy Cows, Milking and Antibiotics:

Some breeds of cows are more suited to dairy production and others to beef production. It might seem obvious to some, but for those of us who grew up in the concrete jungle a cow is a cow is a cow…amiright?

The Country Valley herd is made up of about 60% Friesians (the black and white spotted cows), with the remaining 40% being Jersey cross Friesians, and there are a few pure Brown Swiss and Jersey ladies thrown in there for good measure.

Each breed of cow produces a slightly different quality of milk and cream. The fat content of milk from Friesians is about 3.9% while the fat content of milk from a Swiss Brown and/or Jersey is approximately 5.5%.

The herd at Country Valley is milked twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. They know when they’re ready to be milked and wander up to the milking shed largely by themselves, where they wait patiently for their turn. And yes, it is true what they say about daylight saving, the cows get confused about milking time, and the farmers have a little chuckle.

Cows that get sick or develop mastitis are separated from the herd and given the appropriate antibiotics. The cows need to be milked twice a day regardless off illness, (their udders continue to fill up and not milking them would cause discomfort), but Country Valley doesn’t use any milk from a cow which is receiving treatment.

A cow being given antibiotics has a bright red tag tied around one of its hind legs and when it comes in for milking, a switch is flipped and the milk is simply diverted away from the rest and discarded.
Stay tuned for Mrs Pepe’s Farmers’ Facts - Part 3: Bobby Calves and Farmer John’s Tips


Spreading the butter love at Fine Food Australia

Pepe Saya and the crew were shmearing and schmoozing at Fine Food Australia in Sydney last month. A huge industry trade fair is not where one expects to find an artisan butter-maker but Pepe wanted to butter up some of the foodie folks he wouldn’t normally get to meet. What a SUCCESS!

Thanks to all the butter enthusiasts who stopped by for some scrumptious handmade cultured butter, and to the team at Fine Food Australia for putting on a fantastic event.

Getting your hands on Pepe Saya’s cultured dairy products
just got easier!

Did you know the full Pepe Saya range is available for online order and home delivery through the Lettuce Delivery website? Convenient much?!
Lettuce deliver is family owned and operated. They’re based out of Homebush and deliver top quality REAL FOOD direct to homes across Western and greater Sydney. Click here to find out where Lettuce Deliver Organics delivers to.

Come say ‘Hi’ at the Markets

October is Good Food Month and we’re in the swing of Spring. Come visit us at the market:

Carriageworks Farmers’ Market Every Saturday
Pyrmont Growers’ Market Saturday 3 October
Northside Produce Market Saturday 17th October

‘Love Local’ Store Tastings

Pepe Saya will be doing in-store tastings at Harris Farms this month:

Harris Farm, St Ives Saturday 3 October
Harris Farm Mona Vale Sunday 18 October


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For the latest Butter Scoop!

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Phone: 02 9559 1113